50cc Scooter Street Legal

In the automobile industry, scooters enjoy their own unique place and status. We are pleased to say that TaoTao scooters 50cc Scooter Street Legal are very easy to use and come in different styles. Recently there has been a rapid increase in the demand of scooters because of fluctuating fuel prices and economic swirls.
When it comes to cheap scooters, the ATM 50cc scooter comes in your mind without a question. With an amazing fuel economy and stylish design, it does make a nice ride. Let’s take one thing at a time.
The first positive feature of ATM 50cc scooters is that they are good enough to be road legal. They can be easily registered by Vehicle Licensing Authorities all over the world. The insurance of 50cc scooters is pretty much easy and cheap as compared to other vehicles rolling on the roads.
Then they are extremely Eco friendly. Taotao is making scooters that make good friends of nature and this scooter is an example of that. With emissions standards qualified and amazing fuel economy, it not only overburdens the fossil fuels but also makes sure that it keeps the environment as healthy as possible.
For being low cost and high mileage, it makes a perfect transport to travel around the city. If your daily life routine includes going home to office then this scooter should be your ultimate choice to travel on. These are the perfect choice for peak hours because it easily carves its path along the road because of having a petite design and style.

It will be unfair to deduce that 50cc scooters are meant for those who can no more afford cars. It makes a perfect ride for someone who often has to go out to fetch groceries, for young boys and girls who just entered college or a person who loves to keep it simple with a touch of style.
As these cheap scooters are user friendly, it comes with 50cc 4-Stroke engine. The engine power of this Taotao scooter may seem a bit low, but for short distances, it makes a good vehicle. With its electric engine that starts with a key and the traditional kick start method, it seems quite a nice machine. The top speeds are 30-35MPH as given in the official specifications, but it does go a little higher around 40.
Other specifications of this vehicle include a generously designed body available in five different colors, body color rearview mirrors and wheel rims and seats. Most of the body is made from plastic but still it is durable and lasts more that what would normally be expected from it.
Front disk, rear drum brakes and hydraulic suspension make it quite reliable, but it still needs to be taken care of when changing lanes or taking turns.
TaoTao Scooter 50cc Street Legal








TaoTao Model 50cc scooter street legal
Engine size 50cc, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
HP 3.5 Cooling
Transmission Fully Automatic
Drive CVT
Starter Electric with keys, Kick start back up
Ignition CDI Electronic
Top Speed 30-35 MPH (depending on rider weight)

Front Suspension Hydraulic
Rear Suspension Hydraulic Spring
Front Brakes Hydraulic ABS Disc Brake
Rear Brakes Mechanical Drum
Front Wheel 100/60 – 10 inches STEEL
Rear Wheel 100/60 – 10 inches STEEL

Controls Twist Throttle, Hand Brake, Fully Automatic
Lighting Headlights, Brake Lights, Blinkers (Fully Street Legal)

Weight Capacity 225 lbs
Dry Weight 250 lbs
Length: 62.32
Height 51.57
Width 30.7

The other reason this scooter sells well is its low engine power and ultimately low price.
Amazon is selling it at $750,but there are places where you can get it at a lower price. If you can take a little pain and go to a big sports store, you might get even a better deal. Even the maintenance of this scooter costs very low. For a price like this, it can be called as a fine bargain. And over time, it does cover up the cost.
Overall, 50cc Scooter Street Legal is good to get around with. These used scooters for sale are low cost and if maintained properly, they can be your perfect companions for short motorized sprints. Don’t ever think of treating these like regular bikes because they are not made for the purpose. It makes a perfect selection for young adults and especially young girls.
Reliable and lasting body, stylish body design, a lovely 90MPG mileage covering up the fuel cost factor, are some of its vibrant features.
The only negative thing about this scooter is that it does not do well driving uphill type of roads because of low engine power. But still, what more can you expect from a transport vehicle like this? If you get a good deal, there is no reason not to buy it.

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