TaoTao scooter parts

Tao-Tao Scooters are a good investment that will save you some money that you would otherwise spend on gas for your car, but what to do when it comes to maintenance or an occasional fix of your two wheeled pet? Sometimes spare parts for scooters can be a real pain to get and order, because they are not as available as car parts, and you could end up waiting them for several months. Unlike others, TaoTao scooter parts can be found online as well as in stores. From Tao-Tao ATV to 150cc Scooter, you can find all spare parts in no time on various sales online. Save your gas money and your time, make a better deal and shop smart.

TaoTao scooter parts

With TaoTao scooter parts, maintenance will turn into a game

In order to function properly, every vehicle needs regular and detailed maintenance every now and then. Sometimes, a quick fix can smack you on your pocket and it can cost more then you imagined if the parts for your metal pet are not available. When that happens the practical scooter doesn’t seem like a good investment anymore. Most people have a fast solution , by locking up their ride in the garage till further notice and problem solved. Reason for that is the fact that sometimes a fix can cost more then the brand new vehicle. The point is to save money with a scooter, not save it up and waste it on repair. Not all parts are always available at your local mechanic and they should be specially ordered and your nightmare begins right there. However, Tao-Tao scooter fans shouldn’t be worried about this problem, because maintenance can be turned into a great game when you can fix your scooter or ATV all alone without any help. TaoTao cheap scooter parts are available online, from engines to tires, on various sales for great affordable prices. Everything you need to assemble your pet which can bring it back to a perfect brand new condition is available right from your home. Online all the parts you need are available 24/7 without any delays or overblown prices.

The greatest advance of TaoTao scooter parts is their variety

You can easily get the original piece you need to replace or you can order one from another model that can be adjusted for your vehicle. You can create a whole new improved scooter for yourself with a low budget. Apart from greater variety of parts, it is always good to read reviews about them which can reveal everything you need to know about assembling the vehicle with your own two hands without any expensive help from a mechanic. Good advice this way is completely free. On wholesales you might stumble on discounts as well. Your final expense for fixing or maintaining your ATV or a scooter, by ordering parts in this way shouldn’t get anywhere near the price of the scooter alone. 150cc scooter partsSometimes it is better to check out what is all that fuss about by yourself, before you waste any additional money. You can adjust your scooter the way you want and give it a personal touch. Usually when the vehicle ends up at a mechanic’s workshop, fix can last for more then a month, and still some people entirely depend on their ride which at the end isn’t really helpful. Until the parts are ordered, shipped and assembled by the mechanic a lot of time gets wasted. Sometimes it is just better to take things into your own hands, and order everything you need online, parts will arrive to you in just a few days and in no time your 150cc scooter parts or ATV will be ready for a ride once again. Keep saving your time and money and you just might learn a bit more about your scooter and become your own mechanic. Maintenance of a vehicle doesn’t have to turn into a bad experience, because it has never been easy to do for yourself.

150cc scooter top speed

Apart from being practical, good looking and a great way to save up some money, some people still seek speed over everything else in a scooter. Reason why  everyone wants to buy a car is usually their speed, but top speed can cost a lot of money when it comes to that sort of vehicle. That is why TaoTao 150cc scooter is a great alternative for an expensive car. They are smaller, easy to maintain and they can almost go as fast as a car for a far less money. In addition to that you might get to your destination even faster because no car is a match to a scooter that can ride through any traffic jam.

 150cc scooter

150cc scooter top speed and you can get to any destination as fast as any car would can 

A reliable and fast car is an ultimate dream for everyone, but that dream comes with a great price. Maintaing a car is a difficult job to do and requires a great deal of financial effort. That is exactly the reason why most people are trying to find an affordable alternative to it. Smaller vehicles like scooters are often the first solution everyone reaches to, which isn’t so bad, but scooters can be a lot slower then a car at times. Luckily, not all scooter necessarily are slow, 150cc scooter is a great example. Apart from being more practical then a car and a lot smaller, this amazing scooter can get you to any destination just as fast. Generally, this motorcycle can top out at 55-60mph in an average tune. A lot of it’s speed also depends of a weight of the person riding it, the lighter it is the faster it can go. When you pack up your car for a long trip, due to its weight it cannot pull the maximum speed, just like this scooter. The biggest advantage it has is the size, no matter how fast the car can go, if it gets stuck in a traffic jam that speed goes right out the window.

Scooter top speed

Smaller and practical scooters can squeeze through any traffic jam, and pass through any crowd with an ease, which will get you to your destination way faster then any car ever would. Their small statue is also an advantage when it comes to storage space and parking, because they can fit everywhere. Just like any other scooter it is still equipped with extra compartment storage spaces in front of the knees, bellow the seat and optionally behind it. You can get the same amount of speed packed in a smaller and more practical package that will save you more money and effort, which will make your drive a bit more enjoyable.

150cc scooter top speed

Fast scooters have never been this affordable and easy to get

Search for the perfect alternative can turn into a long and painful road. Most general stores around town won’t have the exact type of vehicle you’re looking for and you might end up ordering it via store. That is not a completely bad idea but it can extend to a longer period of time and at the end you might end up paying more for the shipping then for the actual scooter. 150cc scooter top speed are available in stores as well as online, where you can get a far better deal with lower prices. With all the details attached to the specific scooter and numerous reviews you can easily make your decision and purchase exactly what you want. If you order it online you will most likely get it delivered to you in shorter notice and for free.

150cc scooter












150cc and 50cc scooters can be found on various sales online, and in far bigger variety of models and features. Save your time, money and effort and look for them from the comfort of your home and they will happily drive directly to you.


Travel in style with TaoTao 150cc scooter

Everyone gets tired of the public transport. Some do not have to worry about it as they already have their own personal rides. While some of us fill up our piggy banks to get that dream car, which may never happen, there are times when we have to settle for a little less. But if we look around, many alternatives are available to ‘almost’ fulfill those dreams.

Owning something is quite satisfying. Thus it would be better to look out for ways to have one’s own transportation. This is where scooters come in. They are the most intriguing things around which do allow you to travel faster than buses and you can have something to show off. The motorcycle market is huge and one of the popular brands in the market is TaoTao scooters.
Taotao Scooter

The specialty of Tao-Tao is that they are quite affordable and are as reliable as Japanese models. They appeared in 2000 in the market and come with a wonderful package of 6-month warranty, which leaves you with little risk. If you buy a TaoTao scooter, you will see that there is a reason that this company has such a good reputation.

They have worked hard to obtain this and no wonder it is on top of the customer orders. The amount that you are able to save on the gas is substantial. Buying this type of moped scooter can help you save around $200 in a month, compared to the other brands in the same business. Also, you save on registration, insurance and gas too.

You don’t find such reliability and durability that you find in TaoTao scooters, which are so low in prices. The company really works for the environment and safety. Recently, they removed the option of “toy type” headlights in the scooters designed for teenagers, in order to discourage night riding.

Scooters have been in fashion since around 1914. They are very popular for low costs and are easy to park. Also compared to cars, the license requirements are cheaper and easier to get. A lot of people prefer moped scooters to any other type of transport for their daily routines.  The most important reason besides low cost is that they can easily slip in and out of traffic as they are small in size. Now who wouldn’t want to get rid of that hassle?

However, buying a good scooter can give you a tough time. No worries though; TaoTao is here to make all those worries go away. The sellers are very easy to find and the company has a wide range of models and designs with different specifications. You can also read product features and specifications for 50cc scooter street legal

TaoTao scooters pros and cons

The customers say that TaoTao scooters are affordable and extremely fun to ride. The chinese scooter parts are easily available too.

The Tao-Tao engines are quite powerful. It also has an electric start as well as kick start in case if the battery dies. They are fully automatic with complete instrument cluster displaying fuel level and speed. The headlights are pretty amazing too, not what would you usualy expect. The scooter also has disc brakes for the front and rear wheels which make it pretty easy to ride.

The bad part is that you might not find good mechanic shops that deal with these chinese scooter parts and know how to fix them. For that, you would have to rely on the how-to videos online. In addition, it has also come into view that the oil needs to be changed before you start running.

One of the best dealers of TaoTao scooters is Amazon.com.

They have the customers’ best interests at heart and provide you with quality and affordability. Their aim is to offer the lowest prices and fastest shipping along with home delivery. You cannot find anyone like them on the web. Why not trust them and get those TaoTao scooters? Also, the registration documentation arrives in the shortest time possible (in a week!)

One satisfied customer related that when his scooter was delivered, the packaging was bit damaged due to the forklift in shipping. The company was very kind and made the replacement with no charges.

You need to be willing to work hard and maintain those Chinese scooters. It’s the best you are going to get in the prices you pay. Some have complained that they found some problems with the parts in their scooters.

TaoTao 150cc scooter is one of the best. It is a very stylish and sporty with 149cc engine and a powerful 4-stroke. It drives up to a highway speed of 55+ miles per hour. It is best for rush hours as it is fully automatic and belt-driven. Its dual head lights, speedometer and electric start does make it a fun ride. In such a less amount of money, you can save gas, look cool and ride in style.

TaoTao scooters  features and specifications

TaoTao 150cc Street Legal Max Power Scooter 150cc Moped Free Trunk

TaoTao Model VIP-150 2011
Engine size 150cc, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Forced Air Cooling
HP 10
Transmission CVT Fully Automatic
Drive Belt
Starter Electric with keys, Kick start back up
Ignition CDI Electronic
Top Speed 55+ MPH (depending on rider weight)
Front Suspension Twin inverted hydraulic
Rear Suspension Dual Rear Hydraulic
Front Brakes Hydraulic ABS Disc Brake
Rear Brakes Mechanical Drum
Front Wheel 120/70- 12
Rear Wheel 120/70- 12
L × W × H (inches) 74.4 × 31.5 × 53.5
Controls Twist Throttle, Hand Brake, Fully Automatic
Lighting Headlights, Brake Lights, Blinkers (Fully Street Legal)
Capacity                                  350 lbs
Ground Clearance (inches) 4
Seat Height (inches) 30
Weight (lbs) 280
Wheel Base 52,3
Length:                     1850mm       
Height 1110mm
Width 660mm

Also the company is known to make sure that the designs are easy for customers before they launch anything. Tao-Tao 150cc scooters are made to be used easily and are pretty popular because they are not complicated in any way. Anyone from a 16 year old to a 60 year old would love to have this gas scooter.