Tao Tao scooters

Sometimes it is good to try new things. Most people in this case start from their vehicle. Drivers usually become completely dependable of their metal pet. Why would you walk anywhere, when you can get to your destination faster without any effort. In order to enjoy in the comfort of the car you need to take care of it, which be quite pricey, and that is exactly why the search for a more cheaper solution starts. There is nothing more practical and easy to maintain as Tao Tao scooters. That is exactly why these adorable vehicles are favored by many.

Tao-Tao scooters

Save your gas money with Tao–Tao scooters

Most people today buy a scooter or some sort of smaller vehicle to save up on gas money. Scooters really are a good, and practical solution as an alternative for an expensive car. They are a lot easier to maintain and fix in case of problems and they don’t spend as much. Once one decides to search for that cheaper option, things start to complicate rapidly. Scooter market is far bigger and wider then a car market, and for a rookie in that area it can be quite a dangerous field. It is always important to be cautious of what you buy when it comes to some sort of long term investment like a vehicle, and today many will make the mistake of trusting in a brand that will fail them at the end. For a start it is always useful to inspect all of your options and aspect of each scooter. Brand alone sometimes can cost you more then a true quality it offers. Over the years among all the other branded and famous scooters a cute Chinese Tao-Tao scooters have become an absolute favorite among buyers. The main reason for that is the fact that they bring exactly what is promised. They come in a great variety of colors and special features that you can personally choose, and most importantly they are not overpriced and just anyone can afford them.
Key features and product specification :
• Engine type:139QMB
• Engine style:single-cylinder, 4-stroke
• Borexstroke (mm):39.0×41.5
• Compression ratio:10.5:1
• Max power (kW/rpm):2.5/7500
• Ignition: CDI
• Economic fuel consumption:2.0L/100km
• Battery:12V
• Fuel tank: 4.5L
• Starter:electric and kick
• Overall dimensions (mm):1850×680×1160
• Wheel base (mm): 1350
• Net weight (kg):88
• Max load (kg):75
• Ground clearance (mm):130
• Max speed (kph):50
• Front tire:3.5-10
• Rear tire:3.5-10

Unlike many other scooters, Tao-Tao’s can be ordered and purchased online, so you don’t personally have to waste your time in raiding the stores that will charge you extra just so they can get it for you. You can just sit back and browse through every specification and feature of each model and choose your own favorite. Cute scooters like these, will provide you with everything an average scooter should provide you with. They are easily maintained, and all the spare parts are always available for you online. Each delivery is free and you can fix your metal pet completely alone without paying the mechanic. Tao Tao scooters will start to save your gas money the second you decide to get one for yourself and they really are a good long term investment. Just in case you want to reassure yourself that you indeed are getting the right thing, numerous reviews will confirm it for you on just any page online. Start saving your money today and order your own Tao Tao VIP scooter and enjoy in the ride.

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