Tao–Tao Vip Scooter

There is nothing worse then being stuck in your car during a massive traffic jam and you are late for work. Car is sometimes the best solution during cold weather, but do you really need it in spring or summer when the weather is nice? Even though, everyone is dreaming to have a car one day, they can be really unpractical at times, gas for them is to expensive, you can never get a good parking spot, and you always get stuck in traffic. Imagine how much money you would have if it weren’t for that car and it’s expenses. Tao–Tao Vip scooter is a perfect way to turn your imagination to reality and save some money, gas and time. This practical scooter will get you everywhere in a blink of an eye. Tao-Tao Vip Scooter

Tao Tao Vip scooter can turn your gas money into a better investment

Now there is a way to convert the benefits of your car into a smaller and more practical package. This charming little scooter can fit in to any garage, and storm through any traffic jam before you know it. Tao–tao vip scooter will save you some gas money and get you everywhere in time. It can get to 80+ mpg and ride for 35+mph. Looks simple on a first glance, but it hides a lot more. Practical scooter has locking compartments in the front of your knees and in the back with a matching trunk storage. Vip scooter has a longer seat, which was designed that way so it can carry 2 riders at once and ensure an extra compartment for all of your stuff. It is armed with footpads and holders on the sides of the seat, to keep your scooter companion safe during a ride. Taotao scooters are usually made in two tone color and they can come in, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, silver and black, which can be mixed and matched depending of a personal preference. Storage compartments are colored on request depending of a color you choose as an original. Not only you can save your gas money and time with this scooter, but you can enjoy in the nice weather wherever you go.

Key features of Tao-Tao Vip Scooters:

Displacement 50cc, Single Cylinder, 4 STROKE
Max speed 35-45 MPH
Battery 12V / 4 Ah
Sparkplug A7RTC -OR- CR7HSA
Estimated MPG 80-100
Clutch Dry, Centrifugal
Ignition CDI (Electric Start, Kick Start Back-up)
Weights & Dims. :
Size (LxWxH) 65″ x 24.4″ x 42.9″
Seat Height 31 Inches
Dry Weight 176.4 lbs
Wheel base 46.9 inches
Ground Clearance 3.7 inches
Max load 155 lbs
Gas Tank Capacity 6.3 L

tao tao vip

You can enjoy in your new ride in just a few clicks

Scooter is not only a better solution when it comes to saving up money or easier movement through traffic, their maintenance is way cheaper compared to a car. Tao Tao Vip Scooter is favorite among its kind because it is very affordable and easily available to everyone. It is available in almost any sports or motors shop where you can probably get them for a slightly lower price or even on discount. However, if you are lazy or you don’t have enough time as it is to run from store to store just to find exactly what you want, you can order them online. Scooters on sale can be found in almost any online shop, where you can easily go through all the details and find just the right model and colors you want. Online you might find even better deals regarding price and special features of compartments and spare TaoTao scooter parts then in regular shops. Cheap scooter won’t turn into a bad investment and you certainly won’t regret it. When you see how much your gas costs have dropped, how much easier it is to navigate through traffic jams and how much more free time you have, since you’re riding on your new scooter, you will never wish to drive a car again.

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